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Amor 93.1 – New York

Radio Amor en Linea en Vivo, Escucha WPAT Amor 93.1 FM en New York. Escuchar radio por Internet. Radio en vivo WPAT Amor 93.1 FM. Género : Spanish,Latinaa. Música gratis En línea desde Radio y TV Radio en directo.

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WPAT-FM was launched in 1948. It changed its owners several times until it was finally purchased by the Spanish Broadcasting System (one of the largest owners of radio stations in the United States). For many years the playlist of WPAT-FM contained mostly instrumental music. But at some point this format started losing popularity so they had to switch to adult contemporary format.

Until 1996 it broadcasted in English, but since 1996 WPAT-FM speaks only Spanish. This radio station also changed its name several times. When they started speaking Spanish they called themselves Suave 93.1 (which means Smooth 93.1), then this radio station was renamed into Amor 93.1 (Love 93.1). Since 2002 they call themselves 93.1 Amor.

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