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Shekinah Radio – Miami, FL

Shekinah Radio 96.1 FM is a broadcast radio station from Miami, Florida, United States, providing Religious, Christian music and programs.

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Shekinah Radio

Shekinah Radio is a Christian radio station operating in Miami (USA) and founded on December 3, 2012 by Tabernacle of Glory’s senior pastor, Gregory Toussaint. The fast growing radio station has touched many lives worldwide through the Internet and Shekinah Life, the Shekinah-customized radio set. The radio has its own app on Google Play and App Store. [admplayer tracks=”4168″] Shekinah Radio focuses on prayer, the Word of God, Evangelism, praise & worship, and spiritual warfare. The Hebrew word “Shekinah” simply means “Glory”. Shekinah Radio’s main goal is to glorify and praise God.

We are a multicultural community that glorifies God through passionate worship, fervent prayer, faithful application of scripture, sincere fellowship, and effective evangelism


Founded in 2004 by Pastor Gregory and Patricia Toussaint, Tabernacle of Glory is located in the heart of North Miami, Florida. In keeping with our Lord’s Great Commission (Matt. 28:19), we promote Christ by sharing the gospel with the various cultures and ethnic groups in our community and broadcasting the Good News to the nation and the world. Our goal is to turn every unbeliever into a disciple and disciple-maker for Christ. We invite you to join us as we exalt the name of Jesus through weekly services/meetings of praise, worship, prayer, and biblical teaching. Be continually blessed!


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